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Admin apps overview

org.ogema.apps » admin-apps
Provides links to generic framework administration apps

Parent pom for OGEMA apps

org.ogema.apps » apps-master
Parent pom for OGEMA apps

Basic Room Link app

org.ogema.apps » basic-room-link
Assign devices to rooms via dropdown

Basic switch GUI

org.ogema.apps » basic-switch-gui
Allows to switch controllable devices via a simple user interface

OGEMA Applications :: channel-mapper

org.ogema.apps » channel-mapper
Generic high-level driver

OGEMA Applications :: servlet based common services

org.ogema.apps » common-services
Ogema application providing some helper servlets

OGEMA Applications :: Coolspace Controller

org.ogema.apps » coolspace-controller

Device configuration app

org.ogema.apps » device-configuration
A basic configuration app for devices


org.ogema.apps » device-configurator
Application that visualizes the installed drivers and devices. Additionally it provides a look at the resource tree.

OGEMA Applications :: drs485de-console

org.ogema.apps » drs485de-console
This application provides a shell interface to add and configure MODBUS electricity meter of the model drs485de.

Log data visualization

org.ogema.apps » grafana-logging
Grafana log data visualization; displays logged sensor readings. Use Logging Application to enable logging for selected resources.

Schedule viewer

org.ogema.apps » grafana-schedule-viewer
Schedules visualization based on the Grafana library

Graph Generator

org.ogema.apps » graph-generator
Application that writes out the current state of the resource graph. It is possible to download a file with the specific graph notation (gviz) or to display the generated graph in the browser (vis.js). Designed to be extended by other graph languages, later.

Tools: logging configuration

org.ogema.apps » logging-app
Configure resources for automatic logging.

OGEMA Applications

org.ogema.apps » ogema-apps

OGEMA Tools :: Simulations

org.ogema.apps » ogema-simulations